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Cedar Rapids, IA

Animal Collective “Peacebone” Video

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Immediately this clip reminds me of something similar to those wildly creepy videos put out by Aphex Twin in the ’90s, but after the introduction “Peacebone” calms down a bit, even developing somewhat of a storyline. What may be shocking to those who haven’t indulged in the widely available leaks of Strawberry Jam (myself included) is that “Peacebone” actually sounds like a rock song, or at least as close to a rock song as Animal Collective can get. The video, half “Sheena is a Parasite,” half love story, serves itself as quite an abstractly pleasing adventure compared to the track which, upon first listen, fails to refresh the pallet. Not to say that it isn’t a great track, nor one undeserving of acclaim but it just doesn’t give you that warm feeling that much of Feels did. That being aside I doubt my sentiments will remain once I hear the entire album.

Craving a bit more Strawberry Jam? Here are a few more videos to wet your taste buds, all performed live in London and recorded for BBC’s “interactive cultural magazine” Collective. There is also a short interview with the band on the site which is definitely worth a glance.

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