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What Would You Do For Love?: Amy LaVere

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There’s some strange romanticism I have with strong female leads and in the Amy LeVere story “Killing Him” I find myself helplessly falling for the passionate murderer. “Killing him didn’t make the love go away.” Can I say that I’ve never felt anything similar? Not really, in times gone by I’ve wondered what would happen if someone would disappear from life despite my immense love towards them, but her tale is that of a true story. Written as a reaction to an evening news story about a woman, who hysterically kept yelling the chorus during her arrest, the tale is as sad as it is romantic. “She’d have to kill him to make him stay;” it depicts an overt dedication to what you think in your head is right and the only way, and while it’s an absolutely bizarre way of proving one’s love, I suppose in some weird way I can see how it could make sense.

“Pointless Drinking.” It’s a place I’ve been many times, you start with one but slowly you’re drinking to forget absolutely nothing, drinking till collapse for reasons you can’t remember, drinking because you’re drunk. “I’d keep going but let’s pause for the cause.” It’s right then, when you have what should be your last sip of the night, that you realize that while it’s an entirely useless way of facing whatever it is that haunts…and you have another. That’s the charm of this Louisiana native, her stories aren’t entirely a celebration of the traditional romantic but they speak volumes to the souls of those in need.

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