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Amerigo Gazaway “Gummy Soul Forces”

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Amerigo Gazaway Gummy Soul

Following a meeting of the minds at Atlanta’s recent A3C Festival, Gummy Soul‘s Amerigo Gazaway has linked up with Detroit’s Clear Soul Forces crew, blending styles and summoning hip hop godfathers with a new collaborative track titled “Gummy Soul Forces.” Exuding a sound very much in line with Gazaway’s much-celebrated Bizarre Tribe mashup album, “Gummy Soul Forces” retains a comfortable early-’90s feel, with the MC working loosely over the jazz-oriented beat. Considering that the verse was “whipped up” while the Gummy Soul guys were driving back to Nashville, it’d be a silly to critique it as a fully-fleshed out piece. Instead, have fun with it and just accept it for what it is: a fun, playful, and so-very-fitting verse that meshes nicely with the tight Clear Soul Forces beat, “All this time I spent obsessin’ over rhymes / Just tryin’ to find some kind of purpose in life / Murderin’ mics, makin’ sure these verses is tight.” To keep things going, you’d be wise to (re)introduce Bizarre Tribe to your ears.

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