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Cedar Rapids, IA

Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra “Want it Back” Video

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I’ve never been in love with Amanda Palmer’s music (maybe I’ve never given her a fair shake), but I can’t help but respect the trailblazing chanteuse’s ability to balance her forward thinking business sensibilities with her artistic endeavors. Most recently her Kickstarter campaign made headlines as it shattered expectation, skyrocketing past the goal of $100,000 before finally coming to rest at nearly $1.2 million as the clock expired.

Here, the video for “Want it Back” falls as one of the first samples of what’s to come from the resulting fan-backed project, Theatre is Evil. As far as stop-motion goes, “Want it Back” is a prime example of how the delicate and time-consuming creative process can result in a wonderfully creative and inspiring work of art, with both artist Curran James and director/editor/producer Jim Batt gracefully lending the exhausting format an invigorating breath of fresh air.

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