Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

The AK “740”

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Though not as intense as much of the trunk music which flowed with his Kaby’s Day Out mixtape, the AK‘s “740″ is setting a strong trend for what’s to come with another upcoming release, Stigmatic. Not only does the track offer a chill vibe and a few humorous verbal stabs along the way, but it has what might be the best lyric of 2011, “Fuck all these local cats I only fuck with Culture Bully/And I’m comin’ for your milk money, Kaby the Original Bully.” Then again, I might be biased there; note to all artists hustling to get their music heard, playing to the egos of music bloggers is a great way to make that happen (haha). Watch out for more music from Kaby in the coming weeks; Stigmatic is tentatively set to drop Good Friday.

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