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Cedar Rapids, IA

Absurdist Marketing

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“The shadows guard against wordless posturing. Only when removed from the light can we begin to shed any semblance of who we were never meant to be. Toys ‘R’ Us: Where a kid can be a kid!”

Seeing as though this is a thought that’s been building for over two years, there’s a bunch more to all this — from how Duncan Trussell’s bizarre podcast introductions helped inspire the twisted lingo to how it was only after-the-fact that I saw myself copying Wesley Willis‘ hard-sale song closers to how Paul Ford’s Tilde.Club gave me a kick in the ass to create something purely for my own amusement — but it’s all secondary to the point that once again, just having fun with shit was the right move. My friend, who records as Caveman the Wise, gave me the green light to use his music, responding to the video by saying, “That is so fucking strange. I love it… It’s so fucking weird.” And if I can pretend to have learned anything in life, it’s that going the route of strange and weird is rarely the wrong way to go online.