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Cedar Rapids, IA

A Passing Feeling “A Passing Feeling” EP Review

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A Passing Feeling band

Touted as indie-punk, A Passing Feeling’s 5 song – 14 minute EP reflects those sentiments in spirit alone upon first glance. The band’s sound can be harnessed through the lead track, “A Book of Matches,” one of the best on the recording. Its lighthearted, bouncy beat connects band’s whiskey-soaked enthusiasm with the remainder of the EP. My initial feelings towards the recording were undeniably negative, as I thought the band is yet another copy of a copy of a revivalist band. But I had to correct myself as A Passing Feeling are no such thing. The album’s rough production shows signs of great potential heading into their scheduled full-length release in December. “Michigan Feels Like a Dream to Me Now” honestly brings me to think that the indie-punk label wasn’t dishonest and brings to light a sound worthy of the stamp. This group of young New York natives could be a taste of unique things to come.

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