God: Trump’s Secret Weapon Against Big Pharma (A003)

1) Midfield General “Reach Out”
2) Abstract Orchestra “Workinonit (J Dilla Cover)”
3) Jan Hammer Group “Don’t You Know”
4) Bon Iver “Naeem”
5) Amen Dunes “Blue Rose”
6) Shabazz Palaces feat. Quazarz & Thaddillac “Shine a Light”
7) J Dilla “Workinonit”
8) Flying Lotus “Post Requisite”
9) The Cinematic Orchestra “All Things”
10) Coldplay “Daddy”
11) Four Tet “Breath”
12) Action Bronson “Just the Way It Is (Produced by the Alchemist)”
13) Romare “The Drifter”
14) Beyoncé “Hold Up”
15) Eluize “She Only Counts to Eight”
16) Paul White “Returning”
17) The Brian Jonestown Massacre “Anemone”
18) Helado Negro “Running”
19) Lone “How Can You Tell”
20) Walt Flames “Runway”
21) You Drive “Machine Jurassic”
22) The Chemical Brothers “Catch Me I’m Falling”